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3007 - 26th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta   T3E 0M7
Phone: (403) 247-4942
Fax: (403) 398-0582

Thank you for your interest in Run Right Computers.

In order to help where we can, we have opened our office weekdays from 10 to 4:00 p.m.

Small Companies ~ Unfortunately we have so much work that we are not able to handle more.
Our most sincere apologies that we are unable to help at this time. 

About the company...

The I.T. people for companies which do not have enough computers to have their own I.T. people.  

Run Right Computers was started in January 1993 with the goal of supplying computer technical support to companies who are not big enough to warrant their own in house technician.  Our current target markets are companies with fewer than 25 computers.


Operating Systems:

We are fully knowledgeable with DOS, Windows 3.x, 9.x, ME, 2000, 7, XP and Vista and Servers and a working knowledge of MacIntosh, Dr. DOS and Novel.



We are fully knowledgeable with Microsoft Office (all versions), Corel Office (all versions), Point of Sale Programs, and a working knowledge of most Graphics Programs, most accounting programs (including Simply Accounting and AccPac), and a variety of games.



We are familiar with most keyboards, monitors, mice, scanners, printers, network cards, hubs, routers, etc.



In 1995 RRC started offering offsite backups for personal and business use.


While Run Right Computers does sell hardware and software, it is not our main focus.  Our priority is to make your computer/system work, with what you already have. 

How to get to Run Right Computers Ltd. <----  Note:  The office is open 10 to 4 or by appointment.

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